Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today we started a new unit. Mrs. Andrews advised that we do not follow the calender she gave us, rather we follow the google docs because the calender has some errors. Due to the fact we had a shorten class period, we watched a movie on the murder of two teenagers.

On November 21st, 1983 a crime occurred in a small town in England. A teenager named Lynda was killed. She was actually sexual assaulted, strangled, and raped. Detectives spent many years trying to find the killer of this case, but nothing was drawn except the fact that the killer's blood type of was AB. Three years later in the same town, a 15 year old girl, Dawn went missing. She was later found strangled and sexual assaulted. Dawn's and Lynda's case had similarities because they were both sexually assaulted at the same place, thus they were both teenagers. Eventually a prime suspect, Richard Buckmenth, confessed of killing Dawn but not Lynda. Blood types of the Dawn's case was taken to the University of Leichester and there a member of the RFLP, Allec Jeffreys, used DNA in a murder case. He used the small part of DNA and used restriction enzymes to cut the DNA. This way the person can be figured out using DNA. It turned out, Richard's did DNA did not match the one of the real killer. Soon he was released. Allec figured that the killer had killed both Dawn and Lynda. Therefore the police sent letters for a voluntary blood test. They wanted to match the blood type of AB. A bakery owner, Colin Pitchfork, did not attend because he did not want to deal with the police again. So instead he made his friend, Eion Kelly take it by replacing his passport picture with Eion's. Eventually Eion was bragging about what he did and a lady overheard and told the police. The police eventually heard about this and soon he confessed he was the killer for both girls. All evidence, including the DNA, of this matched.

On the right is Colin Pitchfork and on the left is Lynda Mann.

Homework: Take notes on pages 200 and 208-211, UP 5-6

the next scribe is Jackson!

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