Thursday, November 17, 2011

Honors Biology 11/17/11

Today in period 3 biology. Mrs. Andrews had the class turn in lab 35 which dealt with the previous lesson, pedigrees. The class than took guided notes on gene linkage and Theory of Inheritence. New terms and concepts were introduced such as gene linkage which refers to alleles that travel together on the same chromosome. An example of gene linkage would be orange hair and freckles. In humans many people who have red/organge hair also have freckles. This is due to both of the alleles being carried on the same chromosome. Another new concept was more of a revision of a previous one. The Theory of ineritence deals with the old concept that genes are located on chromosomes. The new part of this Theory was that the behavior of chromosomes during meiosis accounts for inheritence patterns.

Ms. Andrews also went over information about the Y chromosome. The Y chromosome is not a new concept but has never been studied by our class until now. Lots of new information about the Y chromosome were introduced. Some of these new facts include...

- The y chromosome is 1/3 the size of the x chromosome
- It only carries 1/100 as many genes as the x chromosome
- Evolved from autosomal, once a homologous pair until inversion occured.
- Y genes have dissapeared over the past 1 million years,shrinking the chromosome
(Notes are on moodle and on pgs. 14-15 in our genetic notes packet)

After the notes were taken the class recieved a list of papers to help study and review for this unit. The class was than given time to work on these worksheets and the assigned homework.

Homework: Pgs. 73-77+ 81-88 (due Monday)
EC. pgs. 79-80 (due Friday)
Study for quiz (Friday) and Test (Tuesday)

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  1. I like the picture and the information of the Y chrmosome. Although I thought it would've been better if you talked about the X chromosome as well and their relationship.