Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday 11/16/11 blog post

Today Ms. Andrews explained Pedigrees. First she checked in UP pages 63-72. Then we went over the answers. If you missed it, try to check the answers with a friend. There is a quiz on punnet squares on Friday.

A pedigree is basically a chart to show gene dominance in a family through multiple generations. It shows the gender of the family members and if they have the recessive trait. They can be used to trace gene traits through many generations and to learn where a gene you might have comes from.
Pedigree key
A square indicates a male, and a circle a female. If they are shaded that means they have the recessive trait(EX: rr, tt). A horizontal line connecting 2 shapes indicates a marriage line. A line going down stemming off of a marriage line is a children line, indicating the children the couple had together.
Symbols used in pedigree diagrams.
This is a key showing other shapes and their meanings.
Pedigree 1
This is a pedigree showing a long family line of a certain recessive trait spanning 3 generations.
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  1. I think you did a good job explaining pedigrees, and you covered all there was to know about them. I also like the first picture (the key) because it shows everything in Lab 35 - and more that we haven't learned about yet. One suggestion: it might be helpful to put the homework up. Otherwise, good job!

  2. I agree with what Kiran said about your post. It was really well organized and the easy to follow definitions you put up really helped me. I especially liked the color pictures bacause it helped me visualize what we learned in class better. Great post!