Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today we did notes and then we did a lab about dating fossils. We also watched a video briefly explaining the process of evolution on earth
Notes-Human Ancestry, pages 16-20

Evolution of Primates
-Primates evolved from insect eating mammals around 65 million years ago
-Early primates were small, tree dwelling
-Primates have limber shoulder joints, dexterous hands,
Placement of eyes for good depth perception,Good hand eye coordination, increased care for their young

2 Primate groups
-Prosimians-small, tree dwelling-Lemurs,Lorises,Pottos, Tarsiers
-Anthropoids-Old/New world Monkeys, Apes, Humans

Our closest Anthropoid relatives are apes, We share a common ancestor with them closer than any other Anthropoid

Slowly, over millions of years, we diverged from a common ancestor of us and modern Chimps, due to traits such as fully upright posture, increased dexterity, and a larger brain
See notes on Moodle for examples of Hominids that were found as fossils

We watched a short cartoon explaining evolution on earth, and were asked to take bullet points of major events. This is my list.
-Unicellular organisms in water-asexual reproduction
-Multi-cellular organisms-mutation
-underwater plants
-Underwater predators-fish
-animals crawl on land
-Land dwellers interact with each other-develop sexual reproduction
-Predators on land-mutations allow some to survive
-climate change-survival of the fittest


We did a lab to simulate Radiometric dating (UP pages 53-55). We used m&m's to simulate the amount of carbon 14 in an organism. We started out with 100, and then shook them up in a cup and poured them out on a plate. The ones that had the M facing up on it were taken out. This simulated one half life. We repeated the process until all m&m's were taken away. If you weren't here, these are my results.

# after 1st half life-47 time elapsed(seconds)-10
#after 2nd half life-20 Time elapsed-10
#after 3rd half life-10 time elapsed-10
#after 4th half life-5 time elapsed-10
#after 5th half life-2 time elapsed-10
#after 6th half life-1 time elapsed-10
#after 7th half life-0 time elapsed-10
total time elapsed-70

scribe-Xavier F.

Next scribe....Jex, and don't pawn it off on anyone, just man up and do it for once


  1. Good post. The picture was a good resource to see the different ancestor(s) that humans and other primates share. I also like how you summed up some of the notes in an organized way. I think Jex already "manned up" this time through the blog posting though.

  2. I really enjoyed your post because it was clear and easy to follow. Plus I feel like you hit all of the main points you discussed during class. I also really enjoyed your personal data and list of bullet points because it was interesting to compare and contrast our different lists. Great work!