Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Part I: Intro and Review

Today in Biology the class the class continued its study on evolution. At the start of class the students were to check in pgs. 33-36. After being checked in, the class went over these pages and reviewed the answers. No new lessons or concepts were introduced today but there was however a lab reviewing old concepts such as survival of the fittest and natural selection, the lab was meant to review these concept.

Part II: Lab


- 3 tree backrounds (1 white, 1 black, 1 grey)
- 40 light moths
-40 dark moths


-Acquire the materials from the side desks if not already at your lab station

- Decide which person in your group (group of 4) will be the time keeper, the predator and the moth placers

- While the predator turns away from the lab station the moth placers must place 5 white and 5 black moths on the tree bark background they were asssigned to test on.

- As soon as all the moths have been placed the predator is to turn to the bark and pick up the moths that he sees. The timekeeper is to set the timer for 10 seconds, that is the time the predator has to search for moths.

- Count the ammount of survivors and replace them on the background while the predator turns around. Repeat the prior steps for 3 generations.

- Once these steps are completed begin on analysis questions on page 5 of the packet.

The lab was meant to show how due to certian moths being camaflouged, they get to survive from the predators while their fellow moths get preyed on. This is supposed to show how if not suited to survive in your enviorment your traits will become extinct. This lab was meant to show natural selection and survival of the fittest in a real life sceneario.

Part III: Homework

- Review Hardy Weinberg problems
- Read chapter 15 pgs 297-302
- Study for the upcoming quiz!!!

Scribe: Jackson Kinsley
Next Scribe: Michael Cooper :p

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  1. I think your post was really descriptive, especially the part about the lab that we did. I like how you actually put the whole procedure and materials on there! I also really like your pictures. Good job!!