Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday May 21st, 2012

Today and for the next two/three days we are working on the fetal pig digestion. Some key things to remember is to make a cover for the lab and to color every picture. Some materials needed are a fetal pig, dissecting needles, yard, slide, metric ruler, dissecting tray, scalpel, gloves, and scalpel. We first got assigned into groups and each group received a pig. You first have to wash the pig because their are solution on it, so washing it would make it clean. Next you need to measure the pig to determine the age. My groups pig was 30 mm so it was 7 weeks. The longer it is, the older it is. Next you need to determine the sex. This can be done by viewing the urogenital opening. If it's a male then it is just posterior to the umbilical cord on the ventral surface. In females, the opening is beneath the anus. After that you need to cut the end of the umbilical cord. In the umbilical cord you should see a vein and an artery. You need to count the number of toes next. The answer is four. After those, you need to open the abdominal and chest cavities.Before doing any cutting, you need to make sure the pig is tied down with a yard on both the legs and arms. When doing this, you need to cut the flaps off the skin. finally you need to cut the abdomen or digestive system. When doing this you need to cut the skin all the way down to see all the organs. At this point, class will be soon ending so you need to wash the pig under water to make sure the juice goes away as well as clean the pig. Later you need to put in a bag labeled with you name and wash the table as well.

Homework: The pig lab is due Friday
                    Test on fetal pig is on Friday
cross section of the umbilical cord and blood vessel
                    Crossword is due on 6/1

By Jex Philip
Next scribe is Jack Stillman

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