Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday May 22 2012

Today in class We.....
Worked on and Finished Lab 54
Turned in Lab 15

Homework is to....
make cover sheet
color code all diagrams
work on parts of the lab at home
Study for pig lab test on friday
Complete pig lab by friday when it will be turned in

The Following are the answers to the questions of lab 54 as it was suppose to be finished in class today.
I will start with 3a. which is where my group began the day.
3a. 4
3b. under/behind the liver
3c. It joined other ducts and ends in the stomach

4d. no because the diaphragm is in the way
4e. no
4f. prevent substanes in stomach from going back up esophagus
4g. prevent substances in small intestine from going back up into the stomach

6. small is thinner, longer, smaller in diameter

7i. villi


4a. adrenal gland

5b. aorta, inferior vena cava
5c. umbilical cord

Next scribe is jackson.

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