Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nervous system

Hey guys!
Today in class we went over UP pages 63, 64, 66, and 81-84. Make sure you know the different types of neurons, and know how to label pg 63, 64, and 66.  
We also started lab 70 and lab 20 on pages 67-79.
                There were a few changes made to the labs:
·         Pg 67- get rid of the part about the boiled chickens neck, but still answer the questions and you can still fill out the picture.
·         Pg 68- get rid of the first bullet point about looking at the slide
·         Pg 72- get rid of steps 6 & 7
·         Pg 74- get rid of the ‘further investigation’ and ‘computer activity’ parts
· Put an X through pg 78
·         Pg 77- get rid of the part at the bottom after question k, and replace with instructions Ms. Andrews gave us-
o   Close eyes
o   Put a small piece of candy in partners mouth while they have their nose plugged, and their eyes closed
o   Have them tell you what flavor they think it is before they unplug their nose

Ø  Crossword puzzle
Ø  Finish any pages you didn’t complete in the UP
Ø  Study for the QUEST on Monday

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  1. I like the pictures you used they added to what you were saying. It was also good how you formatted your post using bullet points, it made it very easy to follow and understand. Keep up the good work