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Today in Biology we did the Enzyme lab. In the lab we used Catalase,hydrogen Peroxide, water, Sucrose solution, HCI solution, distiled water, NaOH sulution and three different temperatures to test the different speeds of reations by measuring bubbles made in each test tube. There were four different parts of this experiment.
in each of the four peices of the experiment, three testubes studied

Part I. Does catalase break down one specific substrate?

In each of thees three experiments 1 CM of one substance and 5 CM of another substance were added to each other in their test tubes. After the second substance was added to the first it was immidiatley swirled to mix and then after 20 second of waiting, each test tubes bubles were measured.

Part II. Effect of temperature on Enzyme activity

This experiment is very similar to the first as in measurments of substsnaces added but after the first substance was added to the three test tubes each one was put into one of three temperature controled areas. An incubater, a fridge, and boiling water. After 15 minutes the second substance was added to the tube, then swirled and measured.

Part III. Effect of Enzyme Concentration Catalase Activity

The first testube followed the same procedures as all the test tubes in Part I. Tube 2 followed the same instructions except the first mark was two centemiters and the second was six. As before, tube 3 follows the same procedures except the measurments were 3 and 7 centimeters.

Part IV. Effect of pH on Catalase Activity

The three test tubes in this last part only are simmilar to the other parts as in they were still swiredl to mix and waited 20 seconds before measuring but this time, before the swirl the tubes must si with the sullotion out for a minute and the measurments were different. the measurments were 1 CM, 3 CM, 7CM. Each tube had 1 CM of Catalase and two other substances.

The h0mework for tomarrow is pre lab on pages 23-26

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