Sunday, September 11, 2011


ch. 19 notes
properties of a communtiy
-form of vegitation
-trophic structures
interactions in communities
-interspecific competition
-ecological niche
-resource parting
-predator abdaptation
-plant defence
-animal defence
-batesian mimicry
-mullerian mimicry
-keystone mimicry
symbiotic relationships
disturbances in ecosystems
-ecological succession
-primary succession
-secondary succession
-pioneer species
-climax community
ecosystem dynamics
-energy flow
-chemical cycling
-food chain/ food web (producers, herbivoresprimary consumer, canrivores, secondary comsumers, tetriary consumers, quaternary consumers, detritivores[decomposers], omnivores)
chemical cycling in ecosystems
-nitrogen cycle
-phosphorus cycle
-water cycle

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