Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17, 2011

Today in class we finished what was left of the Flu video from October 13th. The last part of the video basically summarized how Holly Jones was recovering from her influenza virus with antibodies, etc.

"Travel inside the body of Holly Jones, a 25-year-old motorcycle courier who becomes a victim in the cellular war between her immune system and the influenza virus."

After we finished the last part of the previous video, we started a new film "Understanding Viruses" (part 1 and most of part 2), along with the questions on page 15 of the Unit Packet. During the film, we were to answer the questions, turning in p.15 of UP at the end of class.

The video briefly talked about an important virologist, Jonas Salk. He was famous for creating an effective Polio Vaccine.

"Understanding Viruses" Video- Part 1/17:

Part 2/17:
Part 3/17:

*For parts 4-17, search "Understanding Viruses part (#)/17" into

While students watched the "Understanding Viruses" video, Mrs. Andrews showed us our grades for the Ecology in Your Backyard project.

•Read CH 15 p. 303-309 (with note sheet)
•Read UP p. 19-25 - bacteria labs
•Fill in UP p. 31-32 (use text / internet) - Due Friday, 10/21


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