Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5th, 2011

In class today we first checked our Egg Mitosis DEMO. The egg was soaked in vinegar and we had to draw a picture and describe it. The shell was being eaten away by the vinegar so it did not make a noise when it was touched. It was soft instead of hard. There were bubbles all over it because the shell was being eaten away and there was no color change.

Next in class we did a lab about osmosis and diffusion on pages 41-42. Under a microscope, we looked at elodea leaves with regular tap water and 6% salt water. The plant cells looked normal in the tap water. The chloroplasts were all on the outside of the cell, the cell membrane was close to the wall, the vacuole was visible and the nucleus was seen. In the 6% salt water, though, the cell membrane condensed and the vacuole shrunk. Here is a cartoon showing what happened from

As can be seen, the water left the vacuole and it could not be seen, but is still present.

We also drew a picture (similar to these pictures) of what we saw in each type pf water. We also labeled what we saw. We then answered questions from the lab on page 42 by ourselves, and then went over them in class together.

We filled out page 43, which was about osmosis and different water concentrations inside and outside of cells.

At the end of class we watched an intro movie to mitosis.

Homework: Read Chapter 8 (pages 121-129), Mitosis notes from Moodle, and read mitosis labs from pages 53-60.

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