Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6th, 2011

Today in class we did day 2 for the egg demo. Since our egg broke yesterday we redid the experiment for day 2 and our results were:

  • still the same shape

  • that the egg was soft

  • bubbles on the shell

  • the shell was getting thinner so you could see the yolk a little bit

  • the egg was slightly yellow as a result of the thin shell

We also went over the Mitosis notes from last night's homework.
-To find the notes log onto moodle and go to the biology page, then scroll down to Unit 2- Cells R us and click on the folder called class notes unit 2 and then click CH 7mitosis notes

In class we started the Mitosis lab in the UP packet on pages 53-56. We will finish the lab later in class.


  • Study for unit test on Tuesday

  • work on lab UP pages 53-56

  • Internet activities on pg. 4 (review)

Up next is Lydia

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