Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 19, 2011

Today, we set up our Bacteria Labs in class so that they would ready for us to observe the following day. We split up into groups of two. One of the partners set up "How common are bacteria and how quickly do they reproduce"
They needed to follow the directions on pg 19-20 in UP to do this which included

labeling their dish into 4 separate areas
then using 3 different items to wipe on top of the different areas, one in each, with no object wiped in the fourth section as that is the control
make sure to label which items were wiped in each section
close your petri dish now and give it to your teacher

The other partner followed the procedure on pages 23-24 for Lab "Using Antibiotics to stop bacterial growth"
follow these steps:
label your dish into 4 separate areas
take a cotton swab, dip it in bacteria broth, and then wipe it all of the the petri dish nutrient agar so that each section has the same amount
take three different antibiotics, using the tweezers, and place them in separate sections
take a plain piece of paper and put it in the fourth section as your control
make sure you label which antibiotic is in each section
close your petri dish now and give it to your teacher

We also took an extensive amount of notes, all of which can be found through the Gbs Moodle page if you go to the Bio Metacourse and click on notes for UNIT 3. For an odd reason, my link is not working however so I hope that I am just unlucky and that you will all have no trouble with the link loading. The pages we covered in the notes packet were 1-12.

Read "Just an Upset Stomache" pg 27-28 and highlight key points
Read pg 29 as well

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